Prom Graduation Limo Service

Grads want to have a fun, memorable Graduation and Prom Night in the hottest limos available. Parents want to ensure their sons and daughters are well looked after in a safe vehicle with an experienced, professional chauffeur. With Mandalay Limousine, you can do both! When you arrive in Mandalay’s hottest limos – By hot we’re talking 30ft of black and white party machines with full on air conditioning to keep you cool – you will definitely turn some heads and get lots of wows! and parents can rest assured they will arrive home safely. Traditional Stretch Limos, Mandalay Limos or Party Buses At Mandalay Limousine, we understand the planning that goes into the Prom is filled with lots of things to do and how important all the details are. There is the buying of the prom dress for the senior girls, and there is the renting of tuxedos by the senior guys. Then there is the corsage that most guys will get their dates and then there is transportation. This can include the families or the Grads themselves driving to the prom, but of course to truly set the mood of the event, getting a limo is definitely something that will make the night special. You will remember your Grad Night for a long time to come. Make your night that much more unforgettable with a limousine from Mandalay.

Make a VIP statement when you arrive to your
Graduation in a sparkling, stunning Mandalay Limousine!
Most Extravagant Limousines! Where Every Customer is a VIP! And Let’s Not Forget Graduation

Prom Night Just Got a Whole Lot

We’ll arrive at your door with your chosen limousine in plenty of time to enjoy a bit of cruising before the main event. To get you and your friends in the mood for the fantastic night ahead, turn up the tunes and enjoy the luxury around you. Lots of stops for fun, photo ops with your friends can be made to ensure you capture it all to remember in the years ahead! We’ll return at the end of the Dinner and Dance to pick up your group and finish off the party right before making sure you all get safely to your homes. With our four hour graduation service, you can split your time to have a couple hours before the big dinner and dance and a couple hours after – however best works for you. Or, keep your time together, it’s up to you, just let us know how we can customize your service to meet your needs. Whatever you decide, the limo will arrive stocked with ice, sodas, sparkling ciders and napkins coordinated to your school colours. A selection of music and videos is available or bring your own ipod/mp3s or cds to enjoy! And of course, your professional chauffeur will be at your service with VIP treatment. Mandalay Limousine has strict policies for Grads and minors, please contact us for details.